Chicago Steakhouse and Seafood Restaurant, Wine, and Happy Hour Events in the Theatre District - Grillroom Chophouse and Wine Bar


half shell oysters east & west coast
champagne mignonette,
house-made hot sauce
ea. 3 six 16

seafood bouquet
half lobster tail, smoked two jumbo shrimp 2 oz. jumbo lump crab meat /
2 oz. seafood salad, horseradish cocktail, mustard sauce
per person 28

chilled jumbo shrimp cocktail
horseradish cocktail.
mustard sauce 17

shrimp & bisque
seared colossal shrip, herb crust, shrimp bisque 18

point judith calamari
lemon aioli, cocktail sauce 13

roasted beet salad
arugula, goat cheese fritters,
toasted almonds,
balsamic vinaigrette, pesto 16

tuna tartar stack
saku tuna, wasabi chips,
sweet soy glaze, avocado,
spicy miso aioli 18

new england crab cake
satusuma orange,
lime and avocado relish, oldbay aioli 18

soups & salads

Add To Any Salad
Chicken 5, Salmon 8, Shrimp 9, Steak 9

n’awlins seafood gumbo
or french onion

cup 5 bowl 8

daily market soup

classic caesar salad
parmesan breadsticks, anchovies,
oven-dried tomatoes half 8 full 11

waldorf salad
red-green apples, spring mix, celery, raisins, walnuts, orange, spicy
mayo-whipped cream 12

wedge salad
apple-smoked bacon, maytag blue cheese, tomato, cucumber,
hard-boiled egg 8

heirloom tomato & buffalo mozzarella
roasted red peppers, pesto, balsamic glaze, extra virgin olive oil 16

nicoise salad
pickled haricot verts, cherry tomatoes,
olives, potatoes, hard boiled egg,
seared ahi tuna, herb vinaigrette, anchovies 21

marinated steak cobb
mixed greens, tomato, bacon,
hard-boiled egg, crispy hearts
of palm, avocado, roquefort cheese,
balsamic vinaigrette 22

the grillroom salad
mixed greens, cucumber, tomato,
carrots, onions, radish, croutons,
peppercorn ranch 9

grilled pear & goat cheese salad
radicchio, belgian endive, arugula,
grilled pear, goat cheese, candied
walnuts, lemon poppy-seed vinaigrette 12

santa fe salad
spring mix, baby spinach, corn,
black beans, tomato, shredded cheddar,
tortilla strips, roasted peanuts,
jalapeno-cilantro vinaigrette 11





mac & cheese

traditional four-cheese blend 10

bbq pulled pork mac 12

garden vegetable mac 11

spicy crab mac 16

lobster truffle mac 24



black bean-veggie burger
poblano peppers, avocado, lettuce, tomato, sweet potato fries, brioche 14

smoked chicken club
honey mustard aioli, smoked
gouda, lettuce, tomato, onion,
multi-grain bread 14

ahi tuna blt
asian mayo, multi grain bread 18

chicken parmesan sandwich
lettuce, tomato, mozzarella,
tomato sauce, sweet potato fries 18

french dip
prime rib, smoked mozzarella, horseradish sauce, lettuce, tomato,
au jus, toasted baguette 18

prime burger
lettuce, tomato, pretzel bun 15

blackened whitefish
lettuce, tomato, asian coleslaw,
avocado, spicy mayo, brioche,
parmesean fries 18

crab cake sandwich
bacon, giardiniera aioli,
guacamole, brioche 18

the grillroom burger
double-cut pork belly, blue cheese,
lettuce, tomato, pretzel bun 15

the grillroom lobster club
tomato, mixed greens, avocado,
red onion, bacon, wasabi mayo,
brioche, cajun potato chips 28

bbq pulled pork sliders
asian coleslaw, mini brioche,
sweet potato fries 15



lemon-rosemary half chicken
baby marble vesuvio potatoes,
capers; garlic, lemon, and
rosemary sauce 19

cedar plank organic salmon
grilled polenta, asparagus and squash ragout, cherry-red wine sauce 26

seared american whitefish
sweet onion and potato puree,
broccolini, bacon, pickled onion,
red wine and mushroom broth 18

shrimp & pesto
shrimp, calamari, green beans,
potato, cherry tomatoes,
pecorino, almond pesto 24


sesame crusted tuna
baby bok choy, snow peas,
pickled ginger, wasabi mashed potatoes,
sweet & spicy soy sauce,
miso beurre blanc 32

market vegetable quinoa
chef's selection of market
vegetables in a quinoa
sautee and sauce mkt

basted jumbo shrimp
parmesean-quinoa risotto, spinach,
yellow squash, cherry tomato ragout 32


meat & chops

prime filet of sirloin 10 oz 29

prime t-bone 18 oz 48

prime new york strip 16 oz 49

single cut filet mignon 8 oz 34

prime bone-in
kansas city strip 14 oz

marinated flat iron 10 oz 28

double colorado lamb chops 40


oscar style 15

6 oz lobster tail 24

brown butter basted jumbo shrimp 14

hickory smoked mushrooms 4

gorgonzola crust 4


sauces 2 ea.




red wine demi


almond pesto

cranberry red wine




sides & vegetables

steamed or grilled asparagus
lemon wedge 8

hickory smoked mushrooms & onions
veal demi sauce 8

broccolini-spinach duo
olive oil, roasted garlic 8

crispy baby marbled potatoes
parmesean, herbs 8

buttery yukon mashed potatoes 8

giant baked potato
sour cream, cream cheese butter 8

sweet potato fries

steamed or sautéed green beans